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Aug 23, 2022 | 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM​

Integrative Approach to Lyme/Coinfections/ Mold

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90 minutes


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For Professionals and the Public

Webinar Description

MSIM physicians, including Dr. William Rollow and Dr. Mark Sivieri will discuss their experience with diagnosis and treatment of Lyme, coinfections, and mold toxicity.  In Maryland and surrounding states, chronic illness – often presenting with fatigue, pain, cognitive and mood issues – is in part caused by underlying infection or toxicity.  Diagnosis and treatment of these conditions is complex and controversial, and guidance from an experienced practitioner is helpful to avoid both under- and over- treatment, as well as to achieve the best possible resolution of symptoms.  Presenters will discuss their experience in this area and take questions regarding issues of uncertainty.

Key Features

Chronic Illness Conceptualization: infection/toxicity and host response

Diagnostic Assessment

Treatment Approach – antimicrobials and optimizing host response

Q&A on areas of controversy