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Webinar 14 An Integrative Approach to Thyroid Disorders

July 18 , 2023 | 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

An Integrative Approach to Thyroid Disorders

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90 minutes


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For Professionals and the Public

Webinar Description

Thyroid disorders are common and conventional treatment of them is often sufficient to address symptoms.  For some people, however, the prescription of levothyroxine based on TSH levels is not adequate, and consultation with an integrative practitioner is beneficial.  In this webinar Dr. William Rollow will facilitate a discussion of an integrative approach to these disorders with Drs. Fred Bloem, Mark Sivieri, and Alan Weiss, with response to audience questions. 

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Specific Topics:

What lab testing is helpful in assessing thyroid disorders and what are the limitations in such testing?

Should iodine deficiency be assessed, and if so how and how is such deficiency treated?

What other nutrients are helpful in thyroid disorder treatment?

What are the pros and cons of synthetic versus natural thyroid medications?

Is it helpful to monitor thyroid antibody levels and if so what treatment can be used to manage them?