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Webinar 21 Ask the Clinicians – Integrative Medicine Q/A

January 16, 2024 7-8 pm

Ask the Clinicians – Integrative Medicine Q/A

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90 minutes


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For Professionals and the Public

Webinar Description

This webinar provides an opportunity for MSIM members to ask questions and discuss medical issues with MSIM clinician board members.  Members who are interested may submit questions or brief summaries of their medical history in advance of the webinar, or ask questions during the webinar itself.  Integrative medicine practice is both evidence- and experience- informed, so by participating in this webinar, members will get a sense of how different clinicians approach an issue.  Drs. Fred Bloem, Alan Weiss, Mark Sivieri, and William Rollow will provide the clinical responses.

If you want to pose a question, or provide a brief summary of your medical history, prior to the webinar, please send an email to contact@msim-info.org

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Specific Topics:

What has been the clinicians’ experience with a specific medicine or treatment?

How do the clinicians approach consideration of a specific illness?

How do the clinicians prioritize which issues to start with when there are multiple issues involved?

What role does the mind play in mind/body issues and how can this be addressed?hat are the challenges in using Bredesen’s approach?