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Webinar 22 – Total Load: A Foundational Concept for Autism Spectrum Disorders

February 13, 2024 7-8:30 pm

Total Load: A Foundational Concept for Autism Spectrum Disorders

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90 minutes


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For Professionals and the Public

Webinar Description

Autism Spectrum Disorder, previously understood to be an uncommon condition, now affects 1 in 50 American children.  A number of factors have been proposed as contributing to this increase in prevalence:  toxins (environmental and from medical sources including immunizations and antibiotics), diet and its effect on metabolism/microbiome/nutrients, increasing awareness of neurodiversity.  The Documenting Hope Project conducts research to understand autism in the context of burgeoning chronic disease in children.  In this webinar, Medical Director of Documenting Hope Heather Tallman Ruhm, MD will explore what has been learned and how it impacts clinical practice and care for children on the spectrum. 

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Specific Topics:

What contributors to the increase in autism prevalence have been identified?

How do these contributors affect neurological functioning?

What testing is appropriate in the evaluation of children with autism?

What treatments can have a positive impact on such children?

What lessons have been learned from collaboration among a multidisciplinary team?