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Webinar 9 – Integrating Cannabis into Medical Practice

Feb. 21 , 2023 | 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM

Integrating Cannabis into Medical Practice

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90 minutes




For Professionals and the Public

Webinar Description

In integrative medicinal practice we often use nutrient and herbs as therapeutic alternatives to pharmaceuticals. Since the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission became operational in 2017, cannabis has become an increasingly important herbal treatment option.

Nina Fergus Pharm. D. and Clinical Director at Far and Dotter will discuss medical use of  cannabis and take questions from the audience.

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Key Features

What kinds of medical conditions/symptoms might cannabis be useful for?

Which cannabinoids and terpenes should be considered in selecting products?

What forms does cannabis come in and what are advantages of the various methods of administration?

What might be recommended to treat insomnia, pain, or anxiety?

What are adverse effects of cannabis?

Q/A for audience questions